Tessa's PageText Box: Hey thanks so much for checking out mah page! (lol) Well as most of you know mah Daddy is a computer nerd (sry dad) so it is so awesome that I can have mah own webbie so yea. Well if you donít now me I will tell you bout mah self. My name is Tessa every one calls me tess, tessie, or hun. I am thirteen (fourteen in May!!!)years old. I like Volley Ball and Track (wOoHoO) So yea thatís me
!!sHoUt OuTs!!

This is were I give a little love to all mah girls! ~lol~


Kayla*Danielle*Samantha*Bekka*Paige*Erica*Kali*Meagan*Kim*Liz††† !xo!


Well this years winter sports are almost done and soon we will be starting track, softball, baseball, golf and tennis. But for know I will say good luck to all the teams in there last week of playing!! I will post MVPís and MIPís after the award ceremony!

If you would like to reach me my e-mail is tessierae@rickrogers.org

If any thing I post is wrong please let me know!

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